Keeping on top of the home maintenance for your Glastonbury, CT house can be tiring. If you’re not the sort who naturally loves scrubbing and dusting, household chores can feel like, well, a chore! It’s no surprise that after a hard day at work or at school, you might feel too tired or defeated to clean your entire home.

Well, we clean Glastonbury homes for a living, and over our years providing the best housekeeping services to residents of this fine city, we’ve learned a thing or two about cleaning efficiently without using up an entire year’s supply of elbow grease. When it comes to housekeeping, you want to work smarter, not necessarily harder. Take a look at these four housekeeping tips and start letting your housework work for you rather than the other way around!

  1. Big Cleanups Don’t Work. Instead, Clean One Thing Every Day Psychological studies have shown that setting one day aside to clean your entire house is counterproductive. Why? Because you actually dread that big day of cleaning, you’re likely to put it off. That’s procrastination, and it’ll only make you less willing to do the work.

    The solution? If clutter has piled up, that’s okay. But don’t feel like you have to expend a Herculean amount of effort to clean up the place. Instead, make small and positive changes by doing one short ten-minute cleaning task every day. In the time it takes to make a frozen pizza, you could sweep your floor, or straighten the papers on your kitchen countertop. After a week or two, you’ve got a more beautiful and functional home!

  2. Vinegar is Amazing for Getting Rid of Pet and Food Odors Did you know that the humble common household vinegar that’s lingering unused in your pantry is one of the best cleaning products you have access to? That’s right—vinegar’s acidity makes it great for cutting through grease and grime. But best of all, it’s an all-natural deodorizer. Spray some vinegar in the smelly spots in your home and you’ll be breathing fresh air in no time.

  3. Soak Dishes in Detergent for Easier Cleaning Busy day? Looking to relax? Hey, we’ve been there. If you’re feeling like you couldn’t possibly get to the kitchen mess, we hear you. First, fill up a sink with hot water and detergent. Gently drop the used dishes from the day into the water. Then go take a break. Watch your favourite TV show. By the time you’re feeling relaxed, any caked-on grime will melt away with barely the touch of a sponge.

  4. Call the Professionals for Backup Between the pressures of work, getting the kids to soccer practice, and the other little stresses of everyday life, it’s easy to fall behind on home maintenance. We at Bright Cleaning Services, LLC hope you’ve enjoyed our list of housekeeping tips. If you need a little extra help around the house and don’t want the trouble of finding a housekeeper, call us today! Our rates are great and we leave your Glastonbury home looking clean as a whistle!