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Professional Housekeeping Service in Avon and the Greater Hartford Area

Your busy schedule doesn't always leave time to do tedious chores like dusting, polishing, and mopping. Yet a clean, well-organized Avon or the Greater Hartford Area home can reduce your stress and improve your quality of life. This is why Bright Cleaning Services, LLC offers a variety of cleaning services.

Schedule a regular cleaning service

We can create a weekly, biweekly, or monthly housekeeping schedule of your home based on your budget and needs to guarantee your home is always looking its best. Vacuuming, window cleaning, mopping and so much more: we offer as full range of cleaning services so your home is exactly how you want it to look.

Event Pre/Post Cleaning

Throwing a party or special event in your home? Bright Cleaning Services, LLC will take care of all the cleaning before and after so you can relax and enjoy entertaining your guests without worrying about the work involved in the clean-up.

We know that doing a spotless job on each visit is how we build your trust and our friendly professional staff and detail oriented work ethic are how we have built our reputation for customer satisfaction in the Avon and the Greater Hartford Area over the years.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and efficient housekeeping service for your Avon or the Greater Hartford Area home, then give Bright Cleaning Services, LLC a call.

Our Standards for Regular Cleaning (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly)

  • All rooms (including bedrooms and bathrooms)
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Dusting baseboards, light fixture, pictures, window sills, picture, mirrors, ceiling fans, shelves, mentals, and any other horizontal surfaces
    • Polishing wood furniture

If any piece of furniture should not be polished or a client has a special product for a particular piece of furniture, Bright Cleaning Services should be informed about it before cleaning.

  • Vacuuming floors
  • Washing floors which should be washed
  • Removing trash from trash cans around the house
    • Any piece of paper laying on the furniture (even if it looks unimportant) we will leave it there if we do not have other instruction about it (we do not want to throw out papers which might be important to a client).
    • Bathroom
      • Washing shower, shower doors, tub
      • Washing toilet inside and outside
      • Cleaning sinks and a counters
      • Cleaning soap holder and all appliances in the bathroom
      • Cleaning mirrors
    • Kitchen
      • Cleaning counters (including removing all appliances standing on a counter)
      • Cleaning outside of appliances
      • Cleaning microwave inside and outside
      • Cleaning sink

      We usually will put a few remaining dirty dishes in the dishwasher if there is a space. Washing dishes is not included in regular standard, but if you would like to have them done, please notify a Bright Cleaning Services employee or our office, and we will provide this service for you. (Please be aware that it might require extra time.)

      • Bedroom
        • Changing sheets ( replacement should be left on the bed or you can specify other arrangement about it)
        • Make bed if it is unmade

      Regular service does not include lifting of item over 30lb.

      Cleaning standard on regular bases does not include: cleaning closets inside, dressers inside, cabinets inside, oven inside, refrigerators inside, any item from deep cleaning routine (unless is specified and client will be aware that cleaning might take longer).

      Additional service if needed:

      • Doing laundry
      • Helping with folding laundry
      • Ironing clothes
      • Organizing and more

      Cleaning Products Options

      A client has a choice using products offered by Bright Cleaning Services, or their own cleaning products. When using their own products, we have a basic list of cleaning supplies we need. Bright Cleaning Services understands that the client could have own preferences due to their medical condition, allergies, or simply point of view about the subject. Bright Cleaning Services always respect the client request about using specific cleaning products.

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