In-Home Senior Care in Glastonbury

When life’s daily tasks become too much for one elderly individual to handle on their own, help is needed. Transitioning from a life of hard-earned and blissful independence can be very difficult for elderly individuals and their entire family. That’s why it is all the more important that you find a compassionate team of in-home senior care providers.

The right team of senior helpers can make a transition to in-home senior care pleasant and painless, and that’s where Bright Cleaning Services, LLC comes in. With years of experience in the field of in-home senior care, our home care services never fail to brighten the lives of our clients. Do you have a loved one who needs home care services? If so, then call us today.

Senior Assisted Living Services

Sometimes, all an elderly person needs, is social stimulation and some light assistance with daily tasks. They might not need assistance with hygienic tasks or getting in and out of the bathroom. Other times, an elderly family member might need lots of assistance to get through their day. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: A homecare worker should be more than just a caregiver, they should be a companion to their clients.

Our senior helpers are more than just trained in personal care practices, they’re compassionate people eager to get to know their clients. Any person can remind an elderly client to take their medication or drive them to the pharmacy, but it takes a special person to elevate their client’s quality of life and make them feel at peace with their living situation.

Our licensed, professional and patient senior helpers are trained to assist their clients in a variety of ways, including but not limited to:

  • •Medication Reminders
  • •Meal Preparation
  • •Fluid Monitoring
  • •Assistance in Bathroom
  • •Assistance with Dress and Hygiene
  • •Laundry
  • •Housekeeping and Tidying
  • •Transportation

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In-Home Caregivers for Seniors

Finding the right caregivers for seniors is no easy task. While other assisted living companies in Glastonbury might simply pair one of their qualified caregivers with any client, Bright Cleaning Services, LLC knows that it isn’t that simple. Every client is different. They might respond more positively to certain qualities and negatively to others.

That’s why we place a strong emphasis on the consultation process. During our thorough and thoughtful consultations, our team will assess the needs of your family member. While determining the level of care they need, we’ll also take time to get to know them on a more personal level. Our aim is to make sure our clients are paired with the perfect caregiver for them!

Professional Home Care Services

Our in-home senior caregivers are very much aware of how difficult it can be for people to accept help. Bright Cleaning Services, LLC is not interested in taking away someone’s independence. When helping out with daily tasks and routines, we are doing it alongside the client. We aren’t interested in taking away a client’s freedom, we are interested in aiding them along their path of continued independence.

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